Caffè Panna

Caffè Panna may be a newer establishment, but it has already become one of the most sought after spots in NYC. This ice cream is absolutely legendary, and you will quickly understand why you not only have to go tomorrow, but maybe even every day after that, too. I honestly don’t know what to talk about first. When you have the world’s most perfect sundaes, affogato, and pastries where do you even start?

Well, it seems only natural to begin with what I ordered. Every single day Caffè Panna has a sundae and affogato special, yet when I visited I ordered based on an employee’s recommendation. I was blessed with a house-made Hummingbird cake, a pineapple-banana spice cake studded with raisins and walnuts all covered in delicious cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut. My friend at the counter said to order it à la mode with a side of pineapple-mango honeycomb ice cream. This dessert made my top 10 list instantly because of the genius put into the flavor profile. The fat slice of cake (which was made 20 minutes before I ordered it) was easily the best hummingbird cake in the world with MOST DEFINITELY the lightest and creamiest cream cheese frosting I have ever tasted. Somehow they paired it with a pineapple and mango rippled ice cream and topped it with honeycomb. The various textures made it so easy to finish the whole dish in seconds. The bright flavors of the ice cream and the crunch of the honeycomb balanced the decadence of the cream cheese frosting and spiced cake. If I haven’t persuaded you yet, might I say I saw Mike Chau, of @foodbabyNY, live and in-person order the same thing as me. I’m not telling you that he knows ice cream better than you do…but he does.

Hummingbird Cake À La Mode

You may be thinking, “When are you going to tell me more about this affogato?” RIGHT THE HECK NOW! My foodie friend ordered an insane affogato, which consisted of a pumpkin caramel ice cream, panna (house made whipped cream), and oatmeal cookie crumbles. Of course, espresso was gorgeously poured over this incredible sundae. I feel like Caffè Panna made a name for itself solely for the special sundaes and affogatos because the flavors and love put into each one are otherworldly. No one else is doing what Caffè Panna does, and that’s why it’s all people are talking about.

Affogato Special

I have to say, I’ve been dreaming of Caffè Panna since I finished the last bite of my Hummingbird cake à la mode. My next target is going to be the vanilla ice cream with olive oil on top. They also have been knocking it out the park with desserts like Sicilian pistachio snickerdoodles, sweet potato maple coffee cake, and honeyball orange upside-down cake. I can’t recommend this place enough, so if you go tell me what special you had!

2 thoughts on “Caffè Panna

  1. Holy Cow!! This place sounds wonderful. I forwarded this to my daughter Amanda-works on Park Ave. She lives to venture out like you. I love the way you write and find these great places Carole D’Alessio

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