Nom Wah Nolita

Sometimes you eat a meal that immediately ranks in your top 10 meals of all time. This may be a rare occurrence, but when it does happen it’s just as exciting as opening presents on Christmas morning. For me, this was my dinner at Nom Wah Nolita. Dumplings have always been one of my favorite foods, but recently I’ve been having trouble finding a soup or just really great vegetable dumpling. It was nearly impossible to find such a thing in Orlando, so I came to NYC with a mission. Might I say, mission accomplished!  

My Nom Wah Nolita Order

Let’s just start with the strongest player on the Nom Wah team: The Pork Soup Dumpling. Not only are they known for this dish, but this is the greatest dumpling I have ever had. This was a delicious pork dumpling filled with a flavorful house-made pork broth. Nothing in this world is more comforting than biting into a soft dumpling wrapper bursting with warm and succulent soup. My only qualm would be that the soup itself could have been hotter, but honestly that was my own fault for letting them sit while I was trying to capture the beauty of this dumpling. Not only would I go back again and again just for this dish, but I would bring everyone I know.

Pork Soup Dumpling

Now let’s talk about another MVP, the House Special Roast Pork Buns. If I could eat this every day for the rest of my life, I would. Everything was perfect, from the texture of the bun to the flavorful pork and caramelized onion filling. Imagine ripping a pillowy steamed bun in half just to find the treasure inside. The caramelized onion adds a sweetness to the rich sauce, which covers the pork like a blanket. (I wish I got a picture of the inside, but I ate them way too fast.) A sweet, soft, and savory bite? In the words of Ina Garten, “How bad could that be?”

House Special Roast Pork Buns

Steamed. Vegetable. Dumplings. If you and I are sharing a meal and that’s on the menu, you best believe I am ordering them! I may even order 2 because I don’t share my veggie dumplings. Nom Wah Nolita makes an exquisite spinach wrapped dumpling stuffed with mushrooms, edamame, and Chinese chives. Emphasis on the word “stuffed” because these babies had the perfect amount of filling. Sometimes a vegetable dumpling doesn’t fill you up because there’s barely any veggie and all dough, but this was the perfect balance of flavorful filling and thin wrapper.

Steamed Vegetable Dumplings

Last, but definitely not least, we ordered the Pan-Fried Chicken Dumplings, which actually were encased in whole wheat wrappers. This gave the dumpling a beautiful yellow color that held the filling, which was chicken, napa cabbage, and deliciousness. Crispy and salty on the outside, soft and flavorful on the inside. This was a classic dumpling that did not disappoint.

Pan-Fried Chicken Dumpling

If you noticed, I used the word “flavor” many times in this post. That is because every single item on this menu is PACKED with flavor, flavor, flavor! Every detail of the Dim Sum reflects the thought and love Nom Wah puts in their food. Lastly, I have to say every dumpling wrapper is thin yet doesn’t fall apart when you’re trying to grab it with your chopsticks. This is a HUGE win for dumplings everywhere. A thin sturdy wonton is extremely hard to find. Come to Nom Wah Nolita to try this dumpling mastery because I know I’ll definitely be here again and again.

3 thoughts on “Nom Wah Nolita

  1. Welcome back Sam. Your description of the foods, makes me want to run there right now. Thank you for all the delightful details.


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