Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill: Gelato Bar

Our boy is at it again! Not only is Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill one of my favorite restaurants in Disney Springs (I’m talking a top 3 ranking), but the Gelato Bar right outside the restaurant is my favorite spot for a frozen dessert. He has gelato, cookies, cannolis, popcorn, brownies, and so much more. I’m talking treats on treats on treats from one of the best culinary minds in the world.

Pistachio Gelato

First, let’s talk about the gelato, since this is a Gelato Bar. I ordered the pistachio gelato because it’s my go to flavor for it’s nuttiness and light sweetness. Pistachio always has that gentle salt taste, but still brings the sweet milky flavor that I love. I found this to be true for Puck’s gelato, but my favorite aspect was it’s texture. It was super creamy, but the most interesting element was it’s stretchiness. Yes, I said stretchiness. I don’t mean rubbery and tough. Instead the elasticity makes it creamy, fluffy, dense, and perfect. I didn’t know something could be airy yet dense, so I guess Puck learned how to defy science? I’m not sure how he does it, but this is easily the best iced treat on Disney World property. (Don’t look at me Dole Whip fans. I only speak the truth.)


I loved the gelato, but I’m especially excited to talk about the cannoli. I’ve been on a mission to find the best cannoli in Orlando, and I would say I’ve tried 6 different ones from 6 different bakeries/restaurants. The one at Maria and Enzo’s would be second place, but the cannoli at Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill’s Gelato Bar is the winner by far. First of all, the cannoli is kept in the refrigerator, so obviously the shell is soggy, right? WRONG! This insanely smart man coats the inside of the shell with chocolate, so it’s impossible for the cream inside to make the shell soft. It still has that signature crunch when you bite into it, which is very rare for an Orlando cannoli. The cream itself is perfectly smooth with great flavor. He uses orange zest, so you really taste that fresh orange flavor that usually is brought by candied orange. He also uses the perfect amount of chocolate chips, which adds another layer of texture that is a necessity in any good cannoli. The whole pastry is so well balanced in terms of flavor and texture, and I find it very hard to leave Disney Springs without getting one every time!

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