The Tropical Hideaway

Remember how I said the food in Disneyland is always better than the food in Disney World? The Tropical Hideaway is a prime example of this fact not opinion. Not only is the food incredible, but the theming is perfection! It’s a quick service location themed to Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room attraction. Yes, the music, food, and decor fit right in with the ride, but there is even an animatronic of the tiki bird Rosita singing songs and making jokes right next to you! If you’ve ever been to the Enchanted Tiki Room, you know it’s a show put on by animatronic birds, so it’s really special that Disney brought the show right to your table.

On the menu, one can find three different types of Bao (steamed buns). There’s Spiced Vegetable, Lime Chicken, and Bulgogi Beef. I tried all three and my favorite was the Lime Chicken with Spiced Vegetable as a close second! The Lime Chicken Bao is a steamed bun filled with herbs, butternut squash, and (you’ll never guess) lime marinated chicken. The Spiced Vegetable Bao is filled with chickpeas and braised vegetables (like a curry), but the shining star of this for me was the peas. To me, peas always brighten up a dish. Last, but not least, the Bulgogi Beef Bao was filled with beef, potatoes, and sweet chilis. If you order more than one bun, you get a sauce on the side for free (and you should be ordering all three, just saying). The sauce is pretty spicy and super flavorful, so if you’re about that spice life it’s a must try!

From Left to Right: Spiced Vegetable Bao, Bulgogi Beef Bao, and Chicken Lime Bao

Now it’s time for dessert! If you’re a fan of Dole Whip get ready to lose your mind! The Tropical Hideaway debuted two new flavors, orange and raspberry, which can be twisted with the original pineapple flavor. My favorite is the orange-pineapple twist, but my family liked the raspberry-pineapple one more, so try both to see which one you prefer! If you’ve eaten the Hei Hei cone from Aloha Isle in Disney World, it’s the same kind of Dole Whip, but instead of raspberry over pineapple it’s twisted (aka better).

Raspberry-Pineapple Twist and Orange-Pineapple Twist

My favorite dessert from the Tropical Hideaway is definitely the Loaded Whip. The original flavor of the whip is orange-pineapple, but you can ask for just pineapple or raspberry twist if you so desire. It’s a big orange twist Dole Whip, covered in shredded coconut, crystalized hibiscus, mandarin orange slices, pineapple chunks, and lychee nuts. Then they stick a few pieces of chocolate Pocky in it (biscuit sticks covered in chocolate), but I ordered it without the Pocky the next day because I didn’t really want chocolate in my super light and refreshing dessert. This is one of the dishes that I really wish Disney World offered because it’s perfect for the hot weather. I also love Dole Whip, but I always feel like something is missing. Eating this I realized it was texture because the creamy and cold pineapple goes perfectly with the fruit and crunch of the coconut. I couldn’t love this more.

Loaded Whip

The other dessert The Tropical Hideaway offers is a true dessert and not a refreshing dairy-free soft serve. The Sweet Lumpia is like a fried egg roll covered in cinnamon sugar. It’s filled with cream cheese and pineapple and comes with a pineapple dipping sauce. It’s served hot, so everything about this is decadent and luxurious. I even dipped it into the cold dole whip for some hot and cold action, but even plain it’s fantastic!

Sweet Lumpia

If you are still wondering how much I liked The Tropical Hideaway, I went four times in three days. It may be my favorite quick service ever, so you should go on your next visit!

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