Mama’s TOO! Pizza

There are hundreds of great slices in New York, but there is one square slice that rises above the pizza oven ashes. Mama’s TOO! is producing some of the best pizza I have ever had with flavor combinations that put the pep in pepperoni. Don’t believe me? Ask Jimmy Fallon, Jerry Seinfeld, and FoodbabyNY where to find the best pizza!

My friend and I started with the classic Mama’s TOO! house slice. My favorite aspect of any Mama’s TOO! pie (round or square) is the crust. The crust on the House Slice is bubbly, crispy, and has a beautiful cross section that gets its stunning looks from fermentation. On top of the perfection that is the base, one can find mozzarella, tomato sauce, parmigiano-reggiano, and basil. It’s a regular slice with no frills, just really great ingredients which make all the difference.

House Slice

Next we tried the square slice with pepperoni. This is their most talked about slice, and I don’t want to brag or anything but the FoodbabyNY mom, Alex Chau, personally recommended this to me. No biggy. As much as I loved the round pie, the square isn’t even next level. It’s from another universe that has perfected pizza, and somehow Mama’s TOO! stole the recipe. The crust is literally kissed by the oven. It has the bitter taste and crisp texture that can only come from burning the crust. It’s an intentional burn for flavor that is a true sign of pure pizza craftsmanship. Did I mention it’s the best quality pepperoni I’ve ever had on a pizza? Look at the way each cup folds up! It’s crazy!

Square Slice with Pepperoni

The last slice I tried was my definite favorite. I felt like Remy from Ratatouille when he ate the chunk of cheese with strawberry and saw the flavors coming together. This incredible slice is called the Angry Nonna. Imagine the classic square oven kissed crust, but this time with mozzarella, tomato sauce, hot sopressata, calabrian chili oil, and hot honey. This was the ultimate combination of savory and sweet. The sopressata was both spicy and salty, the chili oil added a different kind of spice which added a lot of depth to the flavor, and the hot honey wrapped everything up with a bow. I don’t know how I lived this long without the Angry Nonna, so you better believe I’m going back again and again just for this…and the House Slice…and the pepperoni.

Angry Nonna

Go to Mama’s TOO! if you’re looking for a small pizzeria that packs a huge punch. Be handed a pepperoni slice by the owner himself, Franco, and feel just as star struck as I did! If you try anything from this blog make it be this.

8 thoughts on “Mama’s TOO! Pizza

  1. Wow Sam, really enjoying your blog. The pictures look like I’m right there ready to chow down. Thanks for all the great pics and explaining everything is great detail. Very well written. Thank you so much!

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