FoodbabyNY Food Fest 2

If you want to see some of the best food in New York City, I highly recommend following the Instagram account @foodbabyny. As the bio states, it’s the “Best food in NY with the cutest babies in NY.” If hilarious and adorable round headed babies aren’t enough to get you to follow this account, don’t even look up Alex Chau (foodbaby mom) on Instagram because her wise words, celebrity gossip, 90s references, and hilarious captions would be wasted on you.

On May 5th, the food babies hosted their second FoodbabyNY Food Fest at the Hester Street Fair. It may have drizzled throughout the day, but the tents and amazing food made it unnoticeable. I may have died and went to heaven because I was surrounded by food booths curated by the food babies themselves, while talking to the whole Chau family. Not only did I get to try dishes that the food babies have been recommending for years, but I got to hear Sammy call Mickey Mouse “Farty Mouse.” One of those memories will stick with me for the rest of my life, and I think we all know which one it is. After a lengthy yet necessary introduction, let’s talk about the food!

Sammy, Alex, Matty, and Me

I’ve wanted to visit The Doughnut Project for years, but that weekend the food babies brought it to me. Before going to the fest, I did a little research and saw that The Doughnut Project was bringing an exclusive Mango Fritter to the table. This fritter, known as the Mango Bango 3.0, was a donut in another life, but was reimagined for a third time as a mixed berry fritter with a mango glaze and beet drizzle. The Mango Bango was fluffy on the inside, yet the edges were crispy, which makes for a perfectly done fritter. The tart mango went perfectly with the sweetness of the berry, and the beet made for an unexpected twist. Everything about this from the name, to the look, to the taste is bright and fun.

Mango Bango 3.0 from he Doughnut Project

The next item I tried was my favorite of the day. After Alex told me she was super excited to try it, I knew I had to make my way to Millers and Makers. This may look like a regular cinnamon roll, but Millers and Makers brought this treat to the next level and made it a sweet potato cinnamon roll. It had the spices of a traditional sweet potato pie, but with delicious cream cheese frosting on top. I’ve been dreaming about this ever since I took my first bite.

Sweet Potato Cinnamon Roll from Millers and Makers

After all of that sweet I had to try something savory. I saw Tojo’s Kitchen was serving Karaage, Japanese fried chicken, and I knew I had to try some. I went for the spicy sauce, so I was crying while eating it, but they quickly turned into tears of happiness. The Karaage was a super crispy piece of chicken with a flavorful sauce that packed a punch! It reminded me of chicken katsu, so how could it not be delicious?

Spicy Karaage from Tojo’s Kitchen

After all of my research, I was most excited for Ice and Vice’s Conchita. It was a raspberry concha ice cream sandwich with FoodbabyNY’s exclusive ice cream (concord grape with raspberry swirl, donut soil, and rainbow sprinkles) and peanut butter fluff in the middle. Mike Chau (foodbaby dad) has great taste when it comes to combinations: peanut butter and jelly, cute babies and good food, and of course Sammy and the song Chocolate by Big Boi. I absolutely loved this, and I wish I had one right how.

Conchita from Ice and Vice

Last but not least, I finally tried a Chip cookie. Chip makes insane cookies with gooey fillings, like cheesecake, apple pie, and jam. I got the original chocolate chip, which had an almost liquid cookie dough center. It was melty, it was ooey, and it was gooey. What else could you want from a cookie? I tried to take a Mike Chau specialty stacked cookie picture, but I really should’ve taken a break apart mind blowing middle video.

Chocolate Chip Cookie from Chip
Cross Section of the Chocolate Chip Cookie

Overall, this was one of the best days of my life. I had amazing food with friends, met the incredibly sweet Chau family, and visited places from all over NYC while barely moving a muscle. If they do a FoodbabyNY Food Fest 3, I’ll be the first one there for sure!

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