Snacks: Num Num Cookie and Key Lime Pie on a Stick

As a lot of Disney’s new merchandise states, “I’m here for the snacks.” When visiting the parks my friends and I are often looking for the best quick bite we can get our hands on because we don’t always want to do a sit down meal or even quick service. Hollywood Studios recently redid Pixar Place to look like a city block from Municiberg, the city where the Incredibles movies take place. They have a few new snacks, and you may even recognize one of them from Disneyland!

I tried the Num Num Cookie at Disneyland on the opening day of Pixar Pier (not to brag or anything), and it was not only one of the best Disney snacks I’ve had but also one of the best chocolate chip cookies ever. It’s like a personal skillet cookie, where it’s warm, thick, and gooey in the middle and then crunchy at the edges. The Num Num cookie is also another one of those Disneyland foods that’s been covered everywhere and that everyone is talking about.

Disneyland Num Num Cookie

It was only natural that Disney brought this famous cookie to Disney World with the opening of Municiberg. Guests can find it at the Neighborhood Bakery, but I question if it’s exactly the same. If you look at Disney World’s Num Num cookie there are less chocolate chips on top, and it’s a little lighter in color and a tiny bit puffier. I read somewhere that the Disney World cookie uses a few different ingredients so it can survive the humidity, which makes sense. To me, the Disneyland cookie is more fudgey, and the Disney World cookie has a bit of an after taste. My friends who have never tried the Disneyland version absolutely love the Hollywood Studios Num Num Cookie, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m just brain washed to believe all Disneyland food is better (because it is). I haven’t had it since, but I definitely want to try it again!

Disney World Num Num Cookie

There is one more snack on the menu at the Neighborhood Bakery that I tried, and I really loved it! It’s the Key Lime Pie on a Stick. The snack is pretty self explanatory, being a white chocolate covered frozen piece of key lime pie on a stick. It’s fun to look at and so refreshing for a summer day, but it will also satisfy a dessert craving. This summer I think I would get this snack before the Num Num Cookie, but if you don’t like key lime skip this one and go for the cookie!

Key Lime Pie on a Stick

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