Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café: Mickey Cheeseburger

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café is one of the most visited fast food restaurants in Orlando. It’s the only food court type of establishment in Magic Kingdom, making it easy to feed a family with varying food cravings. With salads, chicken, burgers, and sandwiches there is something for everyone. I’m not the biggest fan of Cosmic Ray’s, but I see how it could be convenient for vacation eating. For Mickey’s 90th Birthday Celebration, Cosmic Ray’s put a Mickey Cheeseburger on the menu with mac and cheese and Cheetos dust, and it even has a little picture of my boss on the bun. How could I not try it?

This may be the cutest burger ever, but I wouldn’t say it was the best in Disney. It was a plain patty with that signature extra gooey Disney mac and cheese, Flaming Hot Cheetos dust, and bacon (which I didn’t get on it…sorry). It was a super thick cheese sauce, which I loved, but the texture of the mac and cheese gets lost. I find this to be true with every mac and cheese burger I get, where you never taste the macaroni just the cheese. The flaming dust added a little texture and spice, which I enjoyed because I’ve had many a flavorless mac and cheese burger. The patty was a basic Disney fast food patty, meaning it was thin and not the best quality. However, no one is expecting a wagyu beef burger at Cosmic Ray’s, so who can really complain about that? Overall, a great choice for a quick bite in the parks if you like to put the cheese in cheeseburger. Because this is a limited edition food for Micky’s 90th Birthday, you can only find this at Cosmic Ray’s until the end of the year.

Mickey Cheeseburger

For dessert, my friend and I shared the S’mores, which was a super soft cookie that was filled with marshmallow and chocolate. The graham cookie reminded me more of a gingerbread, and my friend and I loved it. It came with two pieces, so it’s perfect for sharing (or not I don’t judge). This is a regular menu item, so it will either change with the season or stay on there for a while.


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