Supermoon Bakehouse

Supermoon Bakehouse is an experience like no other. You step inside, and you instantly know you’re not cool enough to be there, yet you feel at home. The decor may be minimalistic, but the flavors are packing a vibrant punch with combinations that are out of the ordinary. They are known for croissants, but I really want to talk about the soft serve because it makes me very excited.

Supermoon Bakehouse Croissant Line Up

The soft serve! When I visited Supermoon the limited edition soft serve flavors were mango curry and strawberry rose. I got the twist, which is both flavors together, and I fell in love. The strawberry rose was fresh, bright, and perfect for a warm day. It was night time and cold outside, and you know what? It was perfect for then, too. The delicate flavors matched so well with the stronger mango curry. Think of how fresh the flavor of mango is. Then, imagine the intricate flavors of curry spice. It’s the perfect balance of light and bold, but the real kicker is the warm flavor of the spices in a cold dessert. It was warm and cold in a way I’ve never had it before. My absolute favorite thing about this soft serve, that would make me choose Supermoon again and again, was the TEXTURE. It was super silky and smooth, yet dense enough to carry the flavors. I couldn’t even believe this texture was possible, and why would they stop at just smooth ice cream? Of course they are going to give you layers of texture and add a white chocolate piece and papadum (almost like a thin Indian tortilla chip). I don’t know what Supermoon Bakehouse is doing exactly, but I never want them to stop.

Mango Curry with Papadum and Strawberry Rose with White Chocolate

I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about at least one croissant. My favorite was the matcha and strawberry croissant, which was gorgeous with green layers, filled with strawberry jam and matcha custard. It was super flaky and the flavors were perfection. What else can I say, but yum?

Matcha Strawberry Croissant

Shout out to their ice cream machines for being the same ones I drain out every night for work! If you ever need someone to assemble or dissemble your machines let me know!

7 thoughts on “Supermoon Bakehouse

  1. Wow the Matcha Strawberry croissant looks delicious 🤤 Well written review Haven’t been in Disney World in years but after seeing that and the way you described it..I would go just for that 😂😂


  2. Wowzer both sound so good. My daughter lives in Astoria and works in Manhattan. Where in the city is this place so Amanda can try these out


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