Cafe Orleans

Some of the most talked about Disneyland food can be found at Cafe Orleans. These dishes have been covered on Disney food blogs, Buzzfeed, Disney Parks Blog, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a review has been written about them in the sky with an airplane. Everyone knows if you go to Disneyland you MUST try the beignets, parmesan-garlic fries (listed as Pommes Frites on the menu), and the Monte Cristo Sandwich. On my last Disneyland trip, I ate all three in one sitting, but with a twist! Some of these classic dishes have been reimagined for Mickey’s 90th Birthday celebration. Come on everybody get your ears on, and let’s talk about food!

To begin, I’m going to refer to the Pommes Frites as Parmesan-Garlic Fries because they are so much more than french fries, and that’s just the love and support this dish deserves. The fries are thin, crispy, hot, and addictive. They’re tossed in parmesan, garlic, and parsley, and for some reason the parsley is one of my favorite parts of this dish. It’s a little bit of brightness that goes a long way. It comes with a Cajun Spice Rémoulade for dipping, which adds another layer of flavor that brings the fries to the next level. The cool, creamy, and spicy sauce with the crispy hot fry and then the sharp parmesan? I knew fries were good, but why did they have to go that far?

Pommes Frites

The Disneyland Monte Cristo is one of my favorite dishes of all time. If you are a sweet and savory person this is a must order. This is also one of the dishes with a twist because the original Monte Cristo Sandwich comes with berry purée and a crème anglaise (think melted vanilla ice cream sauce). This Monte Cristo Sandwich, on the other hand, is served with maple syrup and Carnival themed sugar on top. The sandwich itself was just as good (fried turkey, ham, and swiss sandwich), but the jam on the side was the perfect paring. It was missed by all, and we even tried to ask for some on the side, but the waiter said they didn’t have it.

Monte Cristo Sandwich

The Fried Chicken and Beignets was a Rubino trip favorite. Buffalo chicken and bacon slaw (I didn’t know there was bacon in the slaw until I looked at the menu again, so don’t expect heavy bacon flavor) are sandwiched between two fresh Mickey Beignets. I preferred the original beignet with powdered sugar, but the coffee chocolate ones were great, too. I didn’t really taste coffee because it was more of a dark chocolate powder, but that made me like it more. I would most definitely order this again, but it’s a special dish offered for Mickey’s 90th Birthday. Sadly, if you are going to Disneyland next year it may not be on the menu, so get it while you can! Catch me booking a trip at the end of the year just to wish this sandwich farewell in person.

Fried Chicken and Beignets

Finally, dessert (with jam on the side…sir why do you hate me?)! These are the two beignets we saw before, but now we have gloved shaped ones, too. They are very cute for the picture, but I prefer the original Mickey Beignets because of flavor and texture. The Mickey shape allows it to be light and fluffy, while the glove shape left the beignet a little denser than usual. The chocolate flavor is good, but as I found with all beignet flavors at Disneyland (butterscotch is the exception) the original is best! These, too, are only available for a limited time, so do or do not. There is no try.

Birthday Cake Mickey Beignets

6 thoughts on “Cafe Orleans

  1. Sam, your explanation of the different foods, made me feel like I actually can taste them. New Orleans is close to my heart, cause that’s where I met my husband Kosmo.
    Your blog is wonderful to read. I look forward to reading more.
    Love, Kathy

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  2. When did you have the Monte cristo, they had tried to swap out the berry purée with maple syrup and it was terrible. Just trying to figure out if they brought back the berry purée? We were there a few months ago and they did not have the berry puree


    1. I had it April 1st! And I think it was for Mardi Gras because of the themed sugar on it. Hopefully it’s back to purée but as I said, if you order the beignets at the same time you can just take the purée from there. I agree the purée was the best sauce for it!


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