Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill

Disney Springs is home to many fantastic restaurants by some of the greatest chefs. Disney isn’t afraid to name drop with establishments by Morimoto, Art Smith, Wolfgang Puck, and Jose Andres. I recently went to Wolfgang’s newest restaurant Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grille, which was so fun and delicious starting with the Smoked Salmon Pizza and ending with huge pictures of our boy Puck on the walls. The first time I visited the restaurant was for an event where Wolfgang Puck HIMSELF stopped at every single table to say hello. That is a story for another time, but I want to share with you my two favorite dishes that can be found on the menu daily: the Smoked Salmon Pizza and the White Corn Agnolotti.

The Smoked Salmon Pizza is one of Wolfgang’s signature dishes. He can be found making it with David Chang on Chang’s Netflix show Ugly Delicious. Now, if you are craving a traditional pizza with marinara and mozzarella this isn’t the pizza for you. If you are looking for something that is untraditional, flavorful, and mind boggling this will satisfy that hunger. The crust itself is thin and crunchy, which is everything we hope for in a crust. Then there is a layer of dill cream that is super fresh tasting and pairs well with the smoked salmon. Have you ever had low quality smoked salmon? It’s horrible, and thankfully, this isn’t it. It’s fantastic thinly sliced smoke salmon with salmon pearls on top. The pearls are a little scary, but really compliment the dish by adding a nice salt and texture.

Smoked Salmon Pizza

FINALLY, I get to talk about the White Corn Agnolotti. First of all, this dish wasn’t added onto the menu until after the event, so if that isn’t a testament to how good this is, I don’t know what is. A handful of people ate it once and loved it so much they added it to the menu. The pasta itself is fresh fresh fresh, which really makes the dish what it is. High quality ingredients truly make a difference. The corn filling is a sweet corn filling with cheese in a butter sage sauce. This may be the best pasta I have ever had. These two dishes were so good, that for Mother’s Day my family and I went to the restaurant and ordered a pizza pie and four orders of this pasta. I would choose this as my last meal on earth, and I’ll just leave it at that!

White Corn Agnolotti

2 thoughts on “Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill

  1. I am set to go to Disney World in November. After reading this I am down for checking this place out for sure. Definitely excited for it lol. NICE WORK FAM!

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